'Absolutely horrendous performance' Man United fans frustrated with poor display from £50m man vs Sevilla

'Absolutely horrendous performance' Man United fans frustrated with poor display from £50m man vs Sevilla
aaron wan-bissaka man utd right-back
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Manchester United Football Club saw their season end last night. The Reds were on top, but couldn’t take their chances while huge defensive mistakes cost us. Fans are venting their frustration this morning, with Aaron Wan-Bissaka copping stick for his poor display vs Sevilla.

It was a tough result to take. United played pretty well for the most part, though when it mattered most, in both penalty boxes, colossal errors were the difference.

The game itself was an incredibly open one, with United doing the majority of the attacking but failing to hit the back of the net from open play.

Defensively, that left both full-backs isolated. Credit where it’s due, Marcus Rashford did his tracking back, though Aaron Wan-Bissaka was left completely alone over on the right. Eventually, that was going to cost the Red Devils.

Unfortunately, when you’ve got quality running at you for 90 minutes, and you’re completely isolated, it’s a nigh-on impossible task to have the perfect game. Wan-Bissaka would get caught out twice, though his mistake for the first goal was an incredibly poor one.

It’s just a shame that, after a brilliant debut season in Manchester, Wan-Bissaka’s campaign ended on such a sour note. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad player, it’s just that he’s played so much football and he looked absolutely shattered.

That said, football is unforgiving, as are fans. Wan-Bissaka made two mistakes that contributed to United missing out on a European final. He’ll know that better than anyone. A player with undeniable quality like him will want to bounce back and prove everyone wrong. He’ll undoubtedly do that next season.

For now, though, I’ll leave you with the fan reaction to a poor Wan-Bissaka performance vs Sevilla: