Anthony Martial wants to win the Premier League with Manchester United this season

Anthony Martial is seeking for more this season as he is aiming to win more trophies and medals with Manchester United. The Frenchman who is just 21 years old, is in his third season with United since he joined from Monaco on deadline day when Louis van Gaal was still in charge. Many analysts claimed that he was a panic buy, but it didn’t turn that way since he carried all by himself the Reds’ attack. With the manager’s changes, things didn’t turn out as expected as he had overall a good season, but not an impressive one like the first. Being aware that this happens to many players who come in the Premier League, the fans are less than worried about this.

However, summer hasn’t been calm for him as he was reportedly going to join Inter Milan on loan as part of the Perisic deal and recent reports from a week so said that Manchester United had rejected a Tottenham Hotspur offer to sign Martial. This probably shut the door for a probable transfer somewhere else but the manager left him on the bench for the first Premier League game making us wonder whether he enters or not the manager’s plans. He saved a little surprise as with ten minutes remaining time he scored and put an assist in the bag.

Speaking exclusively to Inside United magazine he mentioned his main targets for the new season and what he expects from himself and the achievements he is expecting to reach with the club. The player claimed that the team isn’t in a phase where they have pointed out a specific trophy to win but they will be fighting for every trophy. Martial has personal goals to reach as well and always motivates himself to do better and better.

“As a squad, we haven’t really talked about specific aims for the season too much so far, but the goal is to win as many titles as possible.

“That is what we tried to do last year and it’s what we are going to try to do this year. Personally, my main goal is to win titles and medals, of course. I also want to play the most. I have always wanted to play since I was young and so now I’ve got to do my best to win the title. I do set myself targets for appearances and goals but I keep that to myself.”

However, out of competition Manchester United will be competing to win this season one trophy stands out for Martial and it’s the Premier League. So far it has been a crazy summer for the English clubs as with the signings they have made, it can be said that it will be difficult to say an obvious winner, but United stands there with the rest of the contenders. Exciting times have come for both who watch and play in the Premier League. This was immediately shown in the first week as Huddersfield surprised Palace while the champions went through a lot. Goals, bad defending, amazing counters and of course controversial decisions, this is what Martial means and we couldn’t be happier.

“Everybody in the league has been reinforcing, buying players, so it is going to be ever better and much more exciting for everyone – both for us and for those watching the Premier League.” 

Last season’s success in the Europa League qualified Manchester United for the Champions League and the French had his say on this as well. It will be hard but anything could happen and Martial is aware of this.

“We also have the Champions League to look forward to again and I think that is a competition that every team wants to win. It is a difficult competition and you have to work hard from the beginning to the end. We will see how it goes. Anything is possible.”

The player has his mind set though and getting back to winning the Premier League is important for the club. There comes a moment where coming second or any other position loses its importance and the only thing that matter is winning, Martial knows this very well and this what they, as a team truly want.

“But the main aim is the Premier League title. That is what we want. When you play football you’re playing to win, not to be second or third. So we’re going to do everything we can to achieve this.”