'Can't we just support him' Man United youngster calls for fans to stop trolling 27-yr-old Reds star

'Can't we just support him' Man United youngster calls for fans to stop trolling 27-yr-old Reds star
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Manchester United youngster Dillon Hoogewerf has shown his support for Jesse Lingard amid constant trolling online.

Yesterday, we covered a story which claimed United have a ‘decision’ to make about Lingard’s future. Simply put, it all comes down to whether he’s happy being a bit-part player.

Lingard loves the club like each and every one of us, while Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants to keep him around. Why then, is he always subject of abuse?

Sure, he’s had a tough twelve-to-eighteen months, but don’t forget that not too long ago, he was a key player within our starting line-up. The footballing ability is there.

Well now, United youngster Dillon Hoogewerf has leapt to the defence of the United star Lingard, calling for fans to stop trolling the 27-year-old via Instagram (thanks to the Manchester Evening News).

Check out the series of posts here:

Dillon Hoogewerf leaps to the defence of Jesse Lingard

Family is the most important. I do not for one second begrudge Lingard for taking his eye off the ball (literally) and caring for his loved ones.

His end to the season is certainly offering hope, though. He looked bright on the ball and lively out of possession. Perhaps Lingard is past the worst of what’s going on in his personal life and we’re starting to see him playing well again?

If the choice were United’s, they’d keep him around. However, for Lingard, he’s at that stage in his career where he’ll be craving regular playing time.

In my honest opinion, it’s too far gone. Plus, hiring Mino Raiola as his agent certainly suggests Lingard is looking to move. I just hope that he chooses his next club wisely if his heart is already set on leaving Old Trafford.

I’d be surprised if we heard anything concrete on Lingard’s future before the end of United’s Europa League campaign, mind. Who knows, the Warrington-born-winger may well have a big part to play.