Danny Mills LAUGHED AT for selecting Man Utd star Paul Pogba in his PFA Team of the Year

Danny Mills LAUGHED AT for selecting Man Utd star Paul Pogba in his PFA Team of the Year

The midfielder has been inconsistent throughout United’s season, reflecting the team’s form during a disappointing campaign.

The Frenchman was included in the official PFA Team of the Year announced yesterday but his inclusion even angered United fans.

But Pogba struggled early in the season before regaining confidence and played some good football once Jose Mourinho was sacked – albeit relatively briefly.

And Mills says the World Cup winner’s good form came at the right time to be selected for the combined XI.

He told BBC Radio 5 Live Sport: “When did voting close? About a month ago wasn’t it.

“So that was when Pogba was having a resurgence and going through a purple patch.

“That’s how he got in my team. It’s a simple as that. The voting does depend on the time of the year.

“If you have a great six months then in a dip in form before the vote, you don’t get in the team.

“Pogba was playing well at the time and probably forced his way into it.

“I had Declan Rice in it as well because I’m doing it on a formation basis.

“Rice and Fernandinho were my two holding midfielders with Pogba in front of them.”

But Premier League fans and listeners to the BBC radio show were unconvinced by Mills’ argument.

And they took to social media to let the former Leeds and Man City defender know exactly what they thought of his views.

“And that my friends sums up the football knowledge of Danny Mills, seriously, he has always been a melt, but today he becomes King Melt,” one person tweeted.

Another blasted: “Danny ‘Still Stealing A Living’ Mills needing to clarify his thought process and in the process confirming that he’s clueless. Why is our license money paying this clowns wages?”

The brutal comments kept coming. A third added: “Think his brains fell out at the same time as his hair #pogbalaughingstock”

“Evidence that Danny Mills is truly clueless,” lambasted a fourth. “Rice, Azpilecueta and Pogba. Deary me.”

Another triggered fan wrote: “Danny mills talks b****cks, Pogba wouldn’t get in my Sunday morning team.”