David de Gea proudly reacts to making his 400th Man United appearance

David de Gea proudly reacts to making his 400th Man United appearance
Image Via: Max Pixel/CC0 Public Domain.

At Manchester United, the word ‘legend’ isn’t tossed around all-too-often. Last night, a certain Spaniard enhanced his legacy ten-fold. Yes, a David de Gea 400th Red Devils appearance took place. What a moment.

Anyway, United’s number one didn’t manage to keep a clean sheet though he did make a stellar save to deny Nathan Redmond. De Gea’s legacy goes way beyond just one game, though.

Over the years, the former Atletico Madrid man star has given us so many memories, offered us so many iconic moments and made so many super-human saves.

He’s deserved every ounce of praise heading his way this morning, as he moved up to 27-the on the all-time list of Manchester United appearance makers. That’s pretty spectacular.

Anyway, shortly after the game last night, David de Gea took to Twitter to proudly react to reaching the 400-mark. Well played Dave, well played.

Now aged 29, you’d imagine that if De Gea can keep playing at a high level, he’d easily reach the 500 mark, maybe even 600… We’re then getting into some serious territory. If he made it to 500 apps, he’d be placed eleventh on the list. 600 and we’re up into sixth.

I guess we’ve had some road bumps along the way, too. De Gea did start slowly back in 2011, but after given six-months to settle in, we began to see the unreal talent that he is on full display.

Now with Dean Henderson breathing down his neck, I’d expect to see De Gea to work hard over the off-season and come back even stronger as he looks to retain that number one jersey he’s held for so long.

Congratulations again, David!

What did you make of the David de Gea 400th appearance total? How many more can he make? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.