Exclusive: Interview with Palace blog on Zaha, Wan-Bissaka and having the fitness advantage

Exclusive: Interview with Palace blog on Zaha, Wan-Bissaka and having the fitness advantage

After a season off, Old Trafford Faithful is back at it with our popular ‘A View From The Enemy’ series. This time, we spoke to Crystal Palace fan website, The Eagles Beak, in an enjoyable interview.

This isn’t the first time we’ve sat down for a chat with Jay from TEB, with the Palace fan giving us a fascinating insight into Aaron Wan-Bissaka last summer, after ‘The Spider’ completed his move to Old Trafford.

Anyway, enjoy this latest piece ahead of our big Premier League kick-off tomorrow!

Jordan @ Old Trafford Faithful: Hi Jay, we’ve had you on the site before, but for our new readers, tell us a bit about yourself and The Eagles Beak?

Jay @ The Eagles Beak: Well, TEB started as just me 8 years ago and has grown into something I never expected. It was initially a blog just for me to share my views on Palace but now we have a team of writers stretching into double figures and has provided a number of excellent opportunities along the way.

Jordan @ OTF: That sounds great, we love your work. Palace come into this one on the back of a 1-0 victory. Do you think having that game under your belts leaves Palace in a better position than United in terms of fitness? 

Jay @ TEB: I would certainly like to think so, and there were a couple of players that featured in the EFL Cup defeat at Bournemouth too so it is certainly good to have come competitive football in the legs. The big question is how much of an effect the lack of a proper pre-season will have had for some teams, plus United had an extended season with the Europa Cup. Let’s face it, it has not been a long enough break for players to pile of the pounds but it is quite easy to lack match practice so I do hope that ends up working in Palace’s favour. 

Jordan @ OTF:: We can’t talk Palace without talking about ex-Red Wilf Zaha. Do you think he’ll stay? Just how important is he to your chances?

Jay @ TEB: It is difficult to see a club matching his wage demands and the fee that Palace are asking for. Wilf is worth far more to us than any transfer fee, hence the amount of money the club are asking for and rightly so. Like most Palace fans, we certainly do not begrudge him a move but if he does not go this transfer window, I strongly suspect he will remain at the club for the rest of his career. 

Jordan @ OTF: Now onto United. What do you make of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as a manager? 

Jay @ TEB: Personally, I like him but did not think he would last until Christmas last year, but here we are almost a year later and he has got United a top-four finish and a run in the Europa League. The club needs some stability and he has shown that he could be the man that leads the club back to former glories, But, he has to be backed to allow him to do so. 

Jordan @ OTF: What about Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s first season at Old Trafford? 

Jay @ TEB: We had been singing his praises ever since he made his debut in the Palace first team but it was not until he got his move to United did anyone really take any notice. You will have seen by now that his original position in the Palace youth team was a winger which really helps now that he has made his name as a full back. It is no surprise that AWB has gone on and played how we know he can and it is a real shame we could not have seen more of him at Palace, but we will watch his career with interest. 

Jordan @ OTF: Are there any Red Devils players who you’ve been particularly impressed with? 

Jay @ TEB: Bruno Fernandes. He has been hard to ignore and really has slotted in and become a very important part of the jigsaw that Solskjaer is slowly putting together. For a player to come in and make such an immediate impact has been impressive, particularly coming from another country, it often takes a short while for such players to settle, especially in mid-season. 

Jordan @ OTF: If there’s one Palace player who’d fit in at United, who would it be? 

Jay @ TEB: I am torn between two actually. The obvious one is Wilfried Zaha – if United had given him the time he would have been a star, I have no doubt. The other is Vicente Guaita, particularly with your recent much-publicised goalkeeping issues. 

Jordan @ OTF: If there’s one United player you could take at Palace, who should we go for? 

Jay @ TEB: As Palace have been short of a goalscorer this last few seasons, it would have to be Antony Martial (considering his form last season) or Marcus Rashford. There would be no playing out wide for either of them, lone striker role but I doubt we would still not play to their strengths! 

Jordan @ OTF: We know all about Zaha, but who else should the fans keep an eye on in Palace colours this weekend? 

Jay @ TEB: Jordan Ayew was quiet in the opener against Southampton but he was one of players of the season last campaign, and of course he was on the scoresheet in our win at Old Trafford. He would love a repeat and get off and running on the goal trail this season. 

Jordan @ OTF: Finally, a score prediction?

Jay @ TEB: Such a tough one to predict being United’s first game of the season which is odd enough in itself. I’ll be boring and sit on the fence with a 1-1 draw. Take care and enjoy the game on Saturday.

Jordan @ OTF: We’ll go for a 2-0 United win. Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

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