'I'd have liked to play for Man United' footballing legend admits he's 'loved' Reds since he was little

'I'd have liked to play for Man United' footballing legend admits he's 'loved' Reds since he was little

Manchester United Football Club has played host to its fair share of legends down the years. From the Class of 92, to signings like Cristiano Ronaldo and Eric Cantona, the Old Trafford outfit has boasted some of the world’s best.

Every so often, though, players will slip through the net. I look at Alan Shearer and maybe more recently, Erling Haaland. Simply put, it’s impossible to sign everyone, after all, a playing squad can only be so big…

Well over the weekend, one footballing legend has admitted his ‘love’ for United since he was a kid, while adding he’d have liked to have donned Red Devils colours during his career. Unfortunately, for Daniele De Rossi, that didn’t happen.

The AS Roma icon put in some sublime performances against United over the years, though never moved away from the Italian capital until late on in a glittering career. He’d head to Boca Juniors in Argentina, though only playing five times for the South American giants.

It’s always nice to see that United has fans like De Rossi. Oh what could have been if the Italian was in a midfield alongside Paul Scholes during both their primes…?

“I’d have liked to play for Manchester United… I’ve always loved Man Utd since I was a kid”. De Rossi said live on Sky Sports, transcribed by Fabrizio Romano.

People forget that during United’s 7-1 demolition of De Rossi’s AS Roma at Old Trafford back in 2007, the Italian’s goal was probably the pick of the bunch – and there were some absolute pearlers scored that day.

I’ve always been a huge fan of De Rossi’s work. Aggression, intensity, work ethic, a desire to win. Honestly, what’s not to love about his style?

Again, it probably wasn’t realistic to expect this deal to happen as there was absolutely no chance AS Roma would let him leave. It’s extremely similar to Francesco Totti’s time with the Serie A giants. It was just never likely to unfold that way, particularly during their prime years.