Injury blow for talented 19-yr-old Man United star who confirms ACL injury, left 'devastated'

Injury blow for talented 19-yr-old Man United star who confirms ACL injury, left 'devastated'

Unfortunately, time out on the treatment table is all part and parcel of the game. For D’Mani Mellor, an ACL injury could have already ended his 2020/21 term.

The young Manchester United attacker was only pictured in training at the AON Training Complex just last week, though today, he confirmed the news that no footballer wants to hear; a damaged ACL…

Mellor took to Instagram to share the problem, with the talented 19-year-old forward suffering a major injury blow that has left him ‘devastated’. That’s obviously understandable.

Personally, it’s not something I’ve ever gone through as I’m not a professional footballer. However, I imagine you feel hopeless and completely jaded as it’s something you can’t control.

As a youngster, I would assume it’s even worse. He’s not got the security of a mega-money contract to fall back on. Instead, his development has been hampered by a whole season. When Mellor is back, he’ll have to work twice as hard to make up for lost time.

Judging by his Instagram post, he’s staying mentally strong with an excellent support group around him. As Mellor says, he’s looking to come back fitter than ever before, which is the perfect attitude to have.

It’s a shame because Mellor is someone who I can see breaking through at Old Trafford. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must be a believer, too, as he was included in the Europa League squad for the Astana game earlier this season.

No doubt United will be doing what they can to help Mellor out. It’s going to be a long season for the young forward. They’ll be good and bad days but in the end, all he has to think about is getting back on that pitch. Make no mistake about it, he’ll come through this and be mentally tougher than ever before.

Hopefully, this D’Mani Mellor injury doesn’t scupper his career. Get well soon, young man!