It will be hard for Jose Mourinho to leave Anthony Martial out of the Starting XI

Manchester United may have won and goal difference has them at the top of the league, albeit for the week, yet United still have work to do as this was just the beginning of a large, hard, and nervy campaign. Everything started in style as the team responding to the loss on Tuesday and the job Jose Mourinho has done with the team during pre-season. However, one particular decision didn’t please fans when the Starting XI for the first Premier League game of the season was revealed. The manager chose to play in a 4-2-3-1 and Anthony Martial was out and left on the bench again. It was indeed a bit awkward seeing this, but it is Mourinho who makes these type of decisions in the end. It will be difficult for Mourinho to constantly do this as in just ten minutes he did incredibly well and won himself a place in the Starting XI for the very next game.

Mourinho got the response he needed from the Frenchman during pre-season, as he has been working hard and in the games, he has had the chance to feature he was being the defenses’ nightmare. He is more consistent and frightening again as he was in his first season for the club and dare I say he has improved in those terms. One worry the Manchester United boss has on Martial is the defensive work he does and based on what Mourinho has claimed, the player is satisfying him, meaning that we will soon see him in the team – sheet. Anthony Martial apparently loves tearing West Ham United apart and again he did a marvelous job. His quick movement in the final third and the link with Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku was amazing.

What I adore most in this player is the fact that once he enters the pitch there’s no coming back. You’d notice in every touch of the ball that his frustration was bringing him positive vibes and he was killing the defenders. Then there was the moment of the goal. Calm and frightening at the same time. We have missed these elements last season and probably a bit of competition was needed to keep him under constant threat again. Mourinho may not choose to believe in him but there will be moments when he will have the solution in his hands. West Ham didn’t play that terribly, it was United who made it feel like so. Everything was in the right place and let’s remember that this our first game of the season. Working under pressure seems fine for Martial and given Mourinho’s tactics, he will just need the Frenchman to do his thing.

Probably the meltdown fans have caused is just a measure the manager has taken to make him more hungry of what comes next. It will be hard to leave Martial in the shadows again because cannot throw away another great talent. Nothing comes easy but keeping him on the bench would be a crime. Martial has learned from his errors in the best way possible. Given that change of attitude and every players’ contribution in the team, Mourinho may soon realise that Martial is ready to start. It is just a process in the making and in order to go for every trophy possible, Martial must be in fine form. The beast within sooner or later will be unleashed, it is just a matter of time before this happens. Until then let’s hope he keeps impressing Mourinho, as no one wants Martial to leave, based on latest reports Mourinho is keen on keeping him as well. This is what we expected.