Jadon Sancho is a talented up and coming player but for that money, Manchester United should look elsewhere

Jadon Sancho is a talented up and coming player but for that money, Manchester United should look elsewhere

Manchester United are rumoured to be interested in 18-year-old Jadon Sancho. There are various rumours out there and the fee is reported to be between £80-£100 million. The former Manchester City winger is clearly talented but United should be looking at other targets, whether in this position or elsewhere. 

Sancho has seemingly been a revelation since he left City for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. However, it would be much different for him back in the Premier League. Is he worth all this money? He could well be in the future but all any club would be paying for is a prospect, nothing more. 

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No German clubs remain in the UEFA Champions League this season. Dortmund did not put up a fight against Tottenham Hotspur, who beat them 4-0 on aggregate. Sancho played in both matches against Spurs, showing that he’s a prospect with a lot of talent, not the finished article and not worth big money, yet anyway. 

If United purchased Sancho, which seems unlikely considering the comments of Dortmund sporting director, Michael Zorc, it would send the wrong messages to players of a similar age within the clubs academy. That is not what anyone at the club would want. Tahith Chong is just 19 and this prospective signing would in effect write him off. Zorc said:

“Jadon [Sancho] will play for Borussia Dortmund next season and we are definitely planning with him.

“I am far from putting a price tag on Jadon, but I maintain that his transfer would be hard to beat even for the biggest clubs in the world at the moment.”

Too many football supporters overrate players and get excited too quickly. There does not seem to be much patience anymore. If a player does not do the business the first time, there is sometimes opposition from fan bases. All players need to hone their abilities, mostly over time. Sancho is the same, great prospect, yet to flourish.

Personally, if United are intent to splash the cash this summer, I would rather see proven players come into the club. They don’t need to be superstars, just a good fit into the club. Also, if United was intent on having a fresh, young, up and coming player in the first team, promote Chong and see him flourish rather than stagnate. 

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Manchester United is a club which has youth in their DNA. Around 50% of the players to have played for the club, in its entire history, have come from the academy. That is a tradition that needs to continue. Of course, not every player to play for the first team has made it, but if they are never given the opportunity, they will never achieve that feat. 

I like Sancho as a player but feel that United has wasted so much money since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson at the end of the 2012/13 season. Six years will have passed and United is still a club looking for the right answers. Sancho might be an option in a few years but now, it would be a big gamble.