Jose Mourinho must get another striker… Marcus Rashford misses too much – Paul Ince

The former Red Devils midfielder turned pundit is concerned the academy product misses too many chances.

Ince is confident Romelu Lukaku will prove to be a shrewd signing for Jose Mourinho this year.

But the 49-year-old is concerned that he can’t score all the goals by himself.

And he’s urged Mourinho to bring in another striker to help carry the burden.

“United still need to get another big name in, a goalscorer”

Paul Ince

Ince told Paddy Power: “United still need to get another big name in, a goalscorer.

“Yes, they’ve got Lukaku, but if he’s injured or has an off-day, I don’t know who’s going to get the goals.

“This won’t go down well, but unless it comes to when he gets older, I don’t see Marcus Rashford getting them.

“He misses too many chances at the moment.

“There’s talk of Zlatan Ibrahimovic coming back in January, which I think could be brilliant.

“He was unbelievable for United last season, and is an out-and-out lethal goalscorer.

“He’s the sort of player they need even though they already have Lukaku.

“But everyone, from all over the pitch, needs to pull their weight.

“They can’t be totally reliant on Lukaku.

“His 25 goals won’t be enough to bring a title back to Manchester United.”