Jose Mourinho: My Manchester United side are not a dream team

The Red Devils have been getting people excited following their 4-0 demolition of West Ham in their Premier League opener.

Some are calling them title favourites but their manager is desperate to try and play that down.

They’ve spent a huge amount of money again this summer after breaking the world transfer record last year for Paul Pogba.

Romeu Lukaku and Nemanja Matic have arrived over the last few weeks and look set to have a big impact.

“We’re not favourites, we’re not the dream team”

Jose Mourinho

But Mourinho is insisting his side still have a long way to go to be considered close to a dream team.

He explained: “I’m too experienced and stable to lose my discipline, my stability, and to think a 4-0 win really makes us the best team in the country, the favourites or the dream team.

“We’re not favourites, we’re not the dream team, we’re just a team with more confidence than last season, with more time of working together, but I’m calm.

“When I look to the last match, I like many, many things, but the challenge is not to repeat the result, because a 4-0 win is difficult to repeat in the Premier League, but to repeat the same kind of performance.

“We had good tactical discipline in the team, a really good clean sheet, played good football, had a good dynamic in attack, we were scoring goals, winning 1-0 and we kept playing to try to score more goals and to try to play well.”