Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United are unstoppable at the moment says Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs took on Manchester United in the first part four of the Class of ’92 diary, commenting on Jose Mourinho’s team perfect start and how this has changed predictions regarding the title contenders a bit. Based on previous experience, Mourinho knows how to make his team unstoppable and everything seems to have worked for the manager. Everyone by now knows that things always get better in the second season when the Portuguese manager is in charge while a few signings made, only made possible to convert United in that frightening team they once were. It comes in no surprise that things have turned out like this, but with the start of the season we have noticed a team with new faces who have adopted to his style. Everything is turning out perfectly.

The Welshman doesn’t forget to mention that there are no easy games in the Premier League and there’s a good example of it with Burnley defeating last season’s Premier League champions Chelsea. Huddersfield Town have been impressive as well and winning these game with a perfect score including two clean sheets is one big deal for a team who is going after the title this year.

“I think it was documented when the fixtures came out, while there’s no easy games in the Premier League, it was a pretty good start for Manchester United and the team have delivered with two 4-0 wins.”

This seems like a familiar thing to Ryan Giggs as he mentioned the impact the Portuguese manager has on his players, their style of playing, the way they are adapting to changes and as a matter of fact being one year around has been a huge help in this particular role. Everybody knows his qualities and the aggressive way he tries to impose the players is indeed a powerful weapon in his hands. Since the media are around there is no doubt that he wants to make the most out of it especially after being criticized constantly because of the decisions he makes or the way he treats several players.

“When Jose Mourinho’s sides get going they are very difficult to stop. He’s done in the past and, while it’s important dealing with the expectations with the media making a lot of it, managing that is something he is great at.”

August is always a hard month for certain players who want to impress the manager and we take on Andreas Pereira as an example with the player still in search for his first matchday involvement. Jose made it clear that the situation would change with Champions League coming back and also let’s not forget the cup games as well. Here Giggs mentions some key parts of the team who are there since Sir Alex Ferguson’s time at United assuring that this will be important to any player as these players have already won the league.

“There’s also a lot of experience within the squad and they’ll all play their parts. Michael Carrick and Ashley Young haven’t been involved yet but have that experience to slot back in and be trusted, while Chris Smalling and David De Gea also have that experience of winning the league. “

As it was last year Manchester United and Manchester City were thought to be the teams to be beaten and fight for the title, yet neither did. However, Giggs thinks or at least he thought before the Premier League started, that this year the two Manchester teams would fight for the title due to their group qualities, with Pep spending big money on the defense while Mourinho kept the group but made three signings to make the team better, which has worked so far.

“Before the first two games I thought that the title was between Manchester City, who have the firepower, and Manchester United, who have the balance to their squad.”

It has been an incredible start of the season for Romelu Lukaku and Nemanja Matic as the Belgian striker has already scored three times in two games, while the Serbian is turning out to be the key that moves Pogba forward. Things have also been great for the Armenian who has now has three assists and being surrounded with such talented players has helped him do his work. People are already looking forward to his Dortmund form.

“They look powerful with Nemanja Matic and Romelu Lukaku, but what is pleasing to see is the creative players doing well as well. Henrikh Mkhitaryan already has four assists and that will do him the world of good, so hopefully he can get back to his Dortmund form.”

What is great is that this year, United can count on other creative players to score and perform who have made an amazing work so far. As Ryan Giggs says Lukaku cannot be the only option and the others have done their work making things easier and why not keep on winning with 4, 5 goals. This is what all United supporters have been looking forward which is indeed a great thing.

“There’s a lot of players contributing to goals which is crucial to winning the league. Juan Mata scores year-in-year-out, Antony Martial chipping in and when Marcus Rashford and Mkhitaryan join the party you’ve got options. You can’t just rely on Lukaku.”

It is early to start on saying that United have their title secured as it would be silly but they are doing a great job of making their fans at least dream for it.