Man United legend says he'd build team around reported Reds transfer target

Man United legend says he'd build team around reported Reds transfer target
Image via: Nasmac/Flickr

Back in March, we covered an initial story from The Athletic in which it was claimed that Manchester United had made an enquiry in regards to potentially signing Harry Kane.

The transfer stories surrounding the superstar Englishman have understandably ramped up since then. Heck, who wouldn’t want probably the best forward in the country on their team?

Well, Wayne Rooney has given his take on his former Three Lions teammate – saying he’d build a team around the reported Reds’ transfer target if given the opportunity… Wazza event went as far as comparing Kane to the likes of Ruud van Nistelrooy – who is probably the greatest finisher I’ve ever seen…

“Harry is a classic No 9, the closest I’ve seen to Ruud [Van Nistelrooy]. If I were building a team, he’s the one I’d start with. Harry Kane: there’s my No 9. Then I’d build the rest around him’ Rooney said in his Sunday Times column.

‘In the last two seasons we’ve seen him drop deeper more and play balls in behind and he’s very good at it… But if I were managing Harry, I’d be telling him to stay high as that No 9.’

Look, if there’s any chance, even a minuscule one, I’d urge United to do all they can to make this deal happen. Players like Kane don’t come around all-too-often and imagine adding his 25+ goals-a-season to this United squad? It’d be a real marker thrown down.

The problem is that Tottenham Hotspur aren’t going to let him go cheaply – particularly to a Premier League rival. It’d probably take some pushing from Kane himself, which in all honesty, probably isn’t likely to happen given his excellent rapport with the Spurs faithful.

Daniel Levy would do his utmost to keep Kane away from United, too, while his long-term contract could make things even more complicated. I’d be surprised if this deal happens anytime soon, if at all. This is probably just a power-play from Kane in order to get another wage hike in North London… he won’t be thanking his pal Rooney for fuelling the fire, either…