Man Utd decision is RIDICULOUS, I’m with Roy Keane – PAUL MERSON COLUMN

Man Utd decision is RIDICULOUS, I’m with Roy Keane – PAUL MERSON COLUMN

It’s mind-blowing actually. How did it happen? Did the post go on strike and lose a load of votes for everyone else?

Seriously, what were they thinking? He probably hasn’t been man of the match for Manchester United in three games this season!

When he performs, he can be absolutely world class. But how often do we ever see it? He’s a World Cup winner. He should be running the show, dominating games.

Yes, he scores goals, but some of them are penalties, and he’s missed a few of those as well.

Timing is everything with these votes and he’s probably in there because of that little spell where he started to turn it on for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

But how long did that last? He was awful against Manchester City this week. Absolutely awful. He looked like his confidence was shot.

There was one point in that game when he took about six touches without finding a pass and City just took it off him.

It was like watching a schoolboy in the playground, playing against the bigger kids. “I’ll have that, thank you very much. See you later.”

Top players see the game and play one-touch football. They know where the ball should go before they receive it.

Pogba Man United

Pogba was the surprise inclusion in the PFA Team of the Year (Pic: GETTY)

But that was a sign for me that he is really struggling, that his confidence is gone. It was not good to watch to be honest because the lad can play.

It’s not that he isn’t trying. It’s not a lack of effort. And I’m not buying that he doesn’t care. But he’s just not performing.

And getting outjumped by Raheem Sterling when you’re trying to win a header is not a good look either.

He talks a good game, Pogba. But he doesn’t back it up on the pitch very often. And there are plenty of other players who deserve a place in the PFA team more than he does.

How does Eden Hazard not get in there? Or Christian Eriksen? They’ve both done more than Pogba this season.


Eriksen was omitted from the team despite an impressive year with Tottenham (Pic: GETTY)

Even two of the boys from Wolves, Ruben Neves and Joao Moutinho. How good have they been? Wolves got to an FA Cup semi final and could be in Europe!

And even though he’s playing a slightly different position this season, are we really saying that Pogba is a better midfielder N’Golo Kante?

I think it’s been too easy for him before. At Juventus he was playing in a team that wiped the floor with everyone every week.

It’s not like that at United because they are miles behind. I said they’d lose to City and that game just showed the gulf in class.

I’ve said it before but I honestly think it would be better for Pogba and the club if he leaves United in the summer.

But I’m not having Jose Mourinho’s dig at him for wanting to go home from a game in his Rolls Royce instead of on the team bus.

Players ask to go home under their own steam all the time and I think that was just Mourinho being petty.

Mourinho knew how far behind United are though. I think he realised he had bitten off more than he could chew there.

They have to finish in the top four – and they probably still will because I can see them beating Chelsea this weekend.

Kante Chelsea

Kante has played out of position for Chelsea, but is still a solid performer and full of class (Pic: GETTY)

The race for the top four is a weird one. No-one seems to want it enough because they all keep losing. Are they scared of flying or something?

Thing is, at least Chelsea and Arsenal have something to fall back on with the Europa League. One of them will win it. United don’t have that so they have to turn it around and finish fourth.

But even with Champions League football next season, will the kind of world-class players they need to catch up to City and Liverpool go there?

I’m with Roy Keane. This is the biggest club in the world. You see kids wearing the shirt all over the world. But who would go there now? United don’t win the big trophies any more.