New Manchester United players have made the team stronger says Henrikh Mkhitaryan

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has been recently speaking of his new Manchester United teammates who left a good mark in every United’s supporter memory as Nemanja Matic and Romelu Lukaku were both great in the win against West Ham United on Sunday at Old Trafford.  The Armenian who himself had a great game as well says that the group Jose has built is great and the new additions are amazing and their instant impact shows this. It was the Serbian midfielder who was voted Man of the Match from the fans as he was impressive in his defensive job and moving the ball forward as well. However, he also has good words to say on Lukaku and Lindelof saying that they are all decent players to be here, playing for Manchester United. Here’s what he says:

“It was not only Matic. I want to mention as well the other two new signings, Lindelof and Lukaku. They are very good players. They are, I think, Manchester United players. Matic does a big job on the pitch. He tries to recover all the balls. He defensively does a big job.” 

Asked of the other two signings United have made, the Armenian confirms what the manager has been saying all the time; Lukaku is here to do what he does best, while Victor needs time to find his best form as he has changed leagues and the level of difficulty has raised a lot since the Premier League is something else. However, he does think that both are good signings and they will help United achieve the goals set for the new season:

“Lukaku scored his goals and Lindelof is still going to have time to show himself. So I want to say all the players are good signings and they are going to help us a lot.” 

Like many Manchester United fans, Henrikh Mkhitaryan was surprised by Chelsea’s decision of letting Nemanja Matic go. Their midfield is already suffering his departure while United found what they have been missing. All are hoping that his presence will help both Paul Pogba and Ander Herrera do their best while Matic takes care of the defensive job. The player seems so happy the move happened:

“Actually, I am. But at the same time I am very happy that we have got him.”

Speaking of last season’s success and the comparison to the others, the player admitted what we all know well, that the last season hasn’t been so great and more work is needed, however, things changed as United two domestic titles that helped Jose bring UEFA Champions League football back at Old Trafford. He also said that every player has its ups and downs, reminding his hard time of adapting and the struggles he had to go through.

“As a player and for a club, you are always going to have ups and downs. I think the last few years was a little bit down for the club but since last year, and this year, I hope it is going be up for the club. We are going to try to do our best to bring the club on the level it was at before.”

With the new signings along with the group of players, Mkhitaryan was hopeful that the club would return to their best level. So far everything seems to be working fine and the new Premier League campaign has started in the best way possible.