Picture: Pogba hilariously trolls Bournemouth star on Instagram after shirt pulling incident

Picture: Pogba hilariously trolls Bournemouth star on Instagram after shirt pulling incident
Image Via: Max Pixel/CC0 Public Domain.

Manchester United Football Club have been red-hot since Bruno Fernandes’ arrival in January, though since lockdown, there has been even more excitement around Old Trafford.

Coincidentally, United seemed to up the ante further when Paul Pogba made his long-awaited return from injury. It’s fair to say the Frenchman is loving life at the heart of midfield alongside his new pal Fernandes.

What’s incredibly ridiculous is that United have averaged a goal every 24 minutes that Pogba and Fernandes have been on the pitch together. I guess all the Frenchman needed was that perfect partner to take some of the pressure off, huh?

It’s just nice seeing Pogba enjoying his football again. He’s playing with a swagger, an arrogance, but most importantly, a smile on his face. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll decide to stick around in Manchester after all…

Anyway, Pogba’s enjoyment has continued on social media, too. He took to Instagram to hilariously troll ex-Red now Bournemouth star Josh King, following the shirt pulling incident that you can see below…

Check out the picture as Pogba trolls King here:
Image Via: Instagram Stories/Paul Pogba.

This is the Pogba we all know and love, and it makes a massive difference from when he was walking around the AON Training Complex sulking under Jose Mourinho.

No doubt Pogba and King are still good mates from their time at United together, and this little joke between the pair is all light-hearted and in good taste.

Again, this is the sort of stuff we just haven’t been seeing recently. A picture says a thousand words and Pogba’s social-media silence over the last couple of seasons always hinted at an unhappy camp. Now, he’s back living the dream.

The question is, can United keep ahold of their star midfielder beyond the summer? With what’s likely to be a shortened window due to COVID-19, I’d like to think so…

First, Pogba trolls King, next, he’s dancing and smiling in the dressing room. You love to see it: