Pundit delivers grave warning for Man Utd’s transfer plans: This will cause problems

Pundit delivers grave warning for Man Utd’s transfer plans: This will cause problems

That’s the view of talkSPORT contributor and Beyond the Pitch podcaster Martin Wallwork who has explained all the things that can’t happen while the Red Devils have a caretaker manager.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been put in temporary charge until the summer but Wallwork thinks the planning for the summer window should have already started.

But with no confirmed appointment for next season, he is struggling to see how any realistic progress can be made behind the scenes.

He said on the Beyond the Pitch podcast: “There’s no preparation for the summer.

“Unless there’s some deal in place that we don’t know about, we certainly haven’t heard about, then how do you prepare?

“You’re talking about getting to the end of the season here, May?

“Summer tours are already done, booked and organised so you’re looking at bringing another new manager in June, May?

“Now you’re starting to figure out transfer targets? We know how drawn out big transfers are these days because there’s so much that goes into these contracts with image rights, marketing, sell-on clauses, buy out clauses.

“There’s so many areas and I’s to dot and t’s to cross and so on and so forth that, again, I hate to be negative now because everything is going so well but it would be nice to know, and preparations need to start now.

“I have absolutely no problem if we don’t make a single move in the transfer window here. I almost think it’s good.

“Unless it was a big-name centre half who obviously would tick boxes of any manager that comes in at the football club then I’ve not got a problem.

“But we’re going to be left with little time, little thought going into our transfers and the recruitment process.

“A scout can’t scout a player blindly. A scout needs to be told, needs to know what type of players we are looking for.”