Scott McTominay followed by England and Scotland after his great displays with the first team

Scott McTominay has been doing things right so far and this hasn’t been left unnoticed from the English and Scottish FA who according to Sky Sports have the player under watch. The player is eligible to play for Scotland due to the fact that his father was born in Scotland while he himself was born in England. It has to be said that the player himself hasn’t been called up by either national team and is yet to represent one of them at any level. However, things have changed since his Premier League debut last season in that 2-0 defeat to Arsenal. The player went and played a full match against Crystal Palace, a game where he played in his natural position as a defensive midfielder. It all seemed right, but what McTominay wasn’t expecting was being part of the team that would travel to the States.

Jose Mourinho also took a few other youngsters who he wanted to test and see whether they are or not first team bound. For McTominay it turned out to be a big tour. Thing is that despite not featuring in every game Manchester United played he settled well when being given an opportunity to show what he could do. United fans may remember the fact that he scored his first senior goal against Valerenga while I would say that his other performances were incredible as well. He was denied a clear assist against Real Madrid as Fellaini missed an incredible chance to score from a beautiful cross delivered by the youngster. It was the same against Valerenga where he even found the goal while he could have easily scored two more.

It has to be said that United fans don’t seem to rate the player due to the fact that he hasn’t been a key figure for the U23’s for long and they had never heard of the name before, making them come to the conclusion that he is only good for a weak side and not Manchester United. Differently from what we have thought Jose has taken time from his press conference and has hailed the likes of Mitchell, McTominay, and co to become regulars in the first team some day. This somehow answers our questions whether he deserves or not to be called in the national team.

McTominay has a choice to make as sooner or later England and Scotland will knock on his door and it will be difficult due to his Scottish roots. However, rather than the decision, he must be happy of the fact that he is now finally in their radars. Probably a bit late, but McTominay hasn’t had an easy career due to his injuries leaving him out for a long time. Another subject that comes into mind is his Manchester United future. He is in his final year of his contract but with the new season ahead he can get plenty of chances, yet a loan move won’t be excluded just yet. He needs further development and it would be a good thing a move was on the way. Premier League 2 may not be enough for the player who will turn 21 in December, however, his promising start could change Mourinho’s mind.