Swansea defender Alfie Mawson tips Manchester United to win the Premier League

Swansea defender Alfie Mawson tips Manchester United to win the Premier League

Interestingly enough, the widespread criticism of Manchester United has quickly turned to praise as Jose Mourinho’s Red Devils sit atop the Premier League. Despite the fact that only three matches have been played, many believe that United are now favourites to win the title, and the latest figure to claim such is Alfie Mawson.

Mawson, whose Swansea outfit conceded four at the hands of Manchester United’s attack two weeks ago, emphasized the quality that United possess in every position, with talent even coming off the bench. He goes as far as to say the Red Devils will win the Premier League comfortably at the current rate.

The quality they possess – every single player, especially in the starting XI. The bench is quite frightening as well. They’ve got players that will go and win you games, win you titles, they’re just devastating. I’m personally tipping them to win the Premier League. If they carry on the form they’ve started the season with, they’ll win the title – and maybe comfortably.”

A defender by trade, Mawson explained that Mourinho is ensuring that United score goals while keeping a tight defence a daunting prospect for opponents who therefore struggle to identify a tactic that can beat United. He also awarded plaudits to the Portuguese manager for his recruitment of players with the desire and quality required to succeed at Old Trafford.

“Sometimes you think you need to go and outscore your opponents, but he’s doing that and keeping a very tight ship at the other end of the pitch. He’s obviously recruited really well this year and the players know they want to play for him. They want to be in the starting XI, and they know if you’re not performing – with the funds they’ve got – he can go and get the next best thing. It’s making them work harder.”

Given the success experienced by Jose Mourinho’s men in recent weeks, Mawson’s opinions aren’t uncommon- many have been praising United’s swashbuckling performances in recent weeks and tipping them to win the Premier League despite last season’s disappointing domestic performance.

However, it is important that Jose Mourinho and his squad keep their feet on the ground, ready to beat opponents but also not complacent at key moments. This United side won their first three matches last season, but still dropped off and faced struggles after the international break. Seeing how Manchester United return from the current break will be very important.

That being said, it would be difficult for Manchester United fans not to be excited with the quality of football and footballers currently plying their trade at Old Trafford. Jose Mourinho has given new life to players who previously lacked the cutting edge, rejuvenated the squad to fill it with flair and youth, and signed the marquee players required to change the dynamic of the squad.

The character and chemistry of this current Manchester United squad is likely higher than it has been since the turn of the century, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that this squad is full of players who want to win for the club, themselves, and each other. It is truly a delight to watch.