Video: Edinson Cavani wearing Man United gear for first time, working hard in self-isolation

Video: Edinson Cavani wearing Man United gear for first time, working hard in self-isolation
Image Via: HonorTheKing/Wikimedia Commons.

Edinson Cavani is a Red Devil, now, he’s uploaded footage of himself wearing Manchester United gear for the first time. As he looks to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

As we covered earlier, our new star-striker will have to self-isolate for two weeks before he can join the ‘elite athlete bubble’. Unfortunately, that all-but rules him out of the game against Newcastle United, and probably Paris Saint-Germain, too…

However, Cavani will want to get fit as quickly as physically possible. Why? Because Anthony Martial has a three-game suspension and there’s already an opening in that Manchester United line-up…

Well, today, we’ve been given the clearest indication that Cavani is doing everything to get himself out on that pitch at the earliest opportunity.

There was a video of Edinson Cavani doing the rounds, as he wore his Man United gear for the first time, working hard in self-isolation.

Check out that video here:

Well, he certainly looks like he’s excited and ready to go. So far, Cavani has definitely talked-the-talk. Now, I cannot wait to see if he can back that up.

Make no mistake about it, Cavani was a panic buy. However, it’s a real mood-lifter for both the fans and the dressing room. We’re talking about a serial winner here, who has scored goals galore at whatever club he has been at.

United need some more arrogance within that dressing room and Cavani will bring that to the table. No doubt he’ll fit in well with the likes of Bruno Fernandes, who also feels like a born winner.

I just hope it doesn’t go exactly the way of failed big-name signings in the past, like Angel di Maria, Radamel Falcao and Alexis Sanchez. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been pretty good in the transfer market, though, so I’d expect that trend to continue.