When can we start getting “Giddy”?

Two matches. Two Wins. Eight Scored and none conceded. Does it get any better? Is this it? Blast-Off! “United are Back! United are Back!” Or, do we accept that neither West Ham United or Swansea City are that great, and that we only picked up three goals in last ten minutes against Swansea as they lost their discipline at the end of the match in hunt of an equalising goal, as they had limited Manchester United to a solitary goal lead for 80 minutes?

West Ham also seemed to have a mystifying game plan for their visit to Old Trafford, which seemed predicated on the plain hope that they might not lose! Even Mourinho is doing his level best to dampen expectations as post-match Swansea he talked about cruising down Motorways, encountering roadworks and challenging the team to see if they can come from behind to win matches as a show of character instead of adding garnish goals to matches which are already safely in the bag. Perhaps, the coded message is that United are going to give our next opponents a head-start?

All very shrewd and the right thing to say, as we seek to keep everyone reigned in and feet on the ground and as pointed out, that we won the first two last season and finished sixth, however as we know Mourinho is playing a clever game as he seeks to douse down expectations.

However, Manchester United have scored eight goals in two matches without reply and whatever slant you put on it, that is exciting! The glamour of Manchester United is always such, that the high-scoring games when Manchester United turn on the style whilst putting teams to the sword, always grab the headlines and stoke up the fire of imagination and get Reds dreaming of more goals, more victories, more silverware!

Confidence was an oft-used word in Jose Mourinho’s press conference and the interesting thing is that although he was talking about the team, it’s not limited to the team – it’s also present with the supporters as well. Supporters leaving the match with beaming smiles and getting excited about what lies ahead. As well they might, as for all the disparaging comments about West Ham being poor and Swansea losing the plot in the final ten minutes, no-one else has beaten these teams 4-0 – in fact no-one team has scored four goals in a single match this season and it’s been 3 years since Manchester United last beat any team 4-0!

So, after successive 4-0 victories, let’s allow ourselves this moment of unbridled joy and happiness – it’s been a while since we’ve given someone a good tonking, and it’s exciting to see it happen again, as there was a distinct feeling that Mourinho would always shut-up shop at 2-0, and now we can see that he’s allowing his horses to run free and wild.

Next up is Leicester, who have already conceded 4 goals this season, in their opening match, so who knows if Manchester United can win 4-0 again – either way at this stage, I’ll take three points over four goals – however, who wouldn’t want to see another 4-0?! Come on United!