Why Manchester United shouldn’t buy

It seems as if Manchester United have been linked with many star players this summer. This seems to be the case each year. A player whom has a breakout season, or a stalwart veteran, is linked to The Red Devils. This season saw Manchester United purchase Romelu Lukaku, Nemanja Matic and Victor Lindelof. Lindelof is clearly one for the future and will be instrumental once he adapts to Premier League play, while Matic and Lukaku are obvious stars and instant contributors. However, with the transfer window open, many supporters and pundits are calling for Manchester United to bring in more players.

United shouldn’t give into the pressure of shelling out more cash, even if certain stars are available. The current depth of the squad is very strong, and adding any incoming transfers to the team would result in two things: disruption of our current team chemistry and holding the youth back from progressing through game experience.

With two top-notch results in a row, Manchester United seem a completely different squad from last season. With Lukaku coming into the side, United seem much more potent on the attack then the previous campaign. But it’s not just Lukaku. Marcus Rashford is looking more and more like the real deal, and the future of England. However, the ability to have him terrorize defenses for an hour and then replacing him with another weapon in Anthony Martial is the ultimate swip swap. Attacking isn’t the only position The Red Devils seem to be deep at either. For all the hype in our first two games, arguably our best player from last season has failed to really get in the squad: Ander Herrera.

The Spanish international has been on the bench for the past two games, signaling how deep the midfield is. Another important factor that signals the depth of the midfield is the fact that club captain, Michael Carrick, has failed to get on the pitch thus far this season. Along with the deep forwards and ever revolving midfield is our defensive back four. The addition of Lindelof has taken a back seat to the re-emergence of Phil Jones. His efficient play is keeping Lindelof and other defenders gasping for playing time.

None of these position battles are a bad problem to have, though. Jose Mourinho is likely licking his chops at the selection possibilities that the deep squad has bestowed upon him. The addition of any players to this already deep team would likely result in issues with playing time and a constant rotation of starting squads. This constant rotation would be bad for team chemistry. As Paul Pogba has already alluded, the team seems to finally be meshing together and the results are a clear indication of this. Adding another big name would mess with the rotation, thus throwing a wrench in the team synergy and flow.

Another reason adding a new player would be detrimental is it would stunt the growth of the young exuberant stars. Rashford and Martial are household names at this point, but people fail to realize that both are on the cusps of their playing careers and beaming with potential. They need time. Consistent time is the key here. With Matic and Lukaku, Mourinho has instilled a team that is both proven and tested. The core of Matic alongside the up and coming Martial and Rashford will undoubtedly benefit the younger attackers. The same with the likes of Pogba. The more time they get on the pitch, the better. Going after expensive older players will likely stunt the growth of the superstars in the making. Something that United and Mourinho will surely regret.

Manchester United will forever be linked with the best players in the world. The stature and success of the club ensure that. However, at this point, The Red Devils would be wise to continue their investment in the revolution of the club. With three to four surefire superstars, they must be cautious when it comes to buying new players. Sometimes, what you have is better than what you want. This is the case with this deep and young United squad.